BetterYou Supplements

As an ultra runner I’m running on average 60 miles per week. Recent selection for the Trail World Championships for GB & NI in Annecy resulted in my training changing to lots of hilly miles. This meant on average I was running for to 9-10 hours per week, alongside working as a physio for 40-50 hours per week!

I’ve had a fractured rib and a foot stress fracture over the last 3 years, very frustrating as a runner! This led to nutrition and supplementation becoming more important to me. Whilst I think I have a pretty good diet I’ve made mistakes with my nutrition in the past. One of those was insufficient vitamin D leading to bone weakness as it’s vital for calcium absorption. One of the main contributing factors for me was too high a factor sun cream, as I’m out all day I was using high factor once a day stuff, so basically wasn’t absorbing much from the sun and it’s very difficult to get from the diet alone. That’s why I’m now using the BetterYou Vitamin D supplement. I’m also using the BetterYou Multi Vitamin to ensure I get enough vitamins due to my high training load.

Whilst my diet is good, the demand for nutrients to aid recovery and energy while training is difficult to get fully from my diet so I’m enjoying incorporating BetterYou Total Nutrition into my meals, current favourites are adding it to omelette mixes and also adding it to my homemade pizza dough.

I’m sure the Magnesium Spray is aiding my muscle recovery too, I use it every morning after my shower. Initially it caused tingling to my skin for an hour or so, indicating low magnesium levels. Now I don’t get any skin irritation and my muscle recovery is much quicker. The day after the Trail World Championships I managed a 6 mile mountain walk and the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness was completely gone in 3 days. The course in Annecy was 53 miles with 5300m of ascent so my quads took quite a battering! It’s now only 11 days after the event and I managed a 17 mile trail run after work tonight without any problems!

6. Sunrise 7

Sunrise at the TWC               One of the many mountain climbs at the TWC

BetterYou Supplements

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